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Ad Hoc Mtg for three CMP CRs PC050218-1CM PC050218-2CM and PC050218-3CM

May 23, 2018

866-789-8819 Conference ID 6273158#

Meeting Description
This Ad hoc meeting is being conducted to discuss three CenturyLink CRs: • PC050218-1CM CMP Document Update to Eliminate the Dispute Resolution process and CMP Dispute mailbox (Section 15.0) • PC050218-2CM CMP Document Update to Eliminate the Performance Indicator Definitions (PID) Wording – Section 2.6 • PC050218-3CM CMP Document Update to Eliminate the Optional Arbitration process associated with a Postponement (Sections 5.5.4 During the call, we will review and discuss each of the CenturyLink proposed changes to the CMP document.

CMP Doc Section 15.0 Redline
CMP Doc Section 2.6 Redline
CMP Doc Section 5.5.4thru5.5.4.7 Redline
Combined CMP redline Doc 052218

Contact Information

Day and Time Details

May 23, 2018 10:00 AM MT - 11:00 AM MT