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Ad Hoc Mtg for CMP CRs PC110117-1CM and PC030618-1CM

April 02, 2018


866-789-8819 Conference ID 6273158#

Meeting Description
This Ad hoc meeting is associated with two CenturyLink CRs: PC110117-1CM CMP Doc change to modify hours of Wholesale System Help Desk (WSHD) PC030618-1CM CMP Document Update to Eliminate the Technical Escalations Contact List During the call, we will review and discuss each of the CenturyLink proposed changes to the CMP document. These CRs are in the Product/Process Interactive Report posted to the CenturyLink Web site at http://www.centurylink.com/wholesale/cmp/changerequest.html.

PC110117-1CM Proposed CMP Doc Change
PC110117-1CM Question from Allstream
PC030618-1CM Proposed CMP Doc Change
PC030618-1CM Question from Allstream
Ad Hoc Call meeting mintues PC110117-1CM and PC030618-1CM

Contact Information

Day and Time Details

April 02, 2018 11:00 AM MT - 12:00 PM MT